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The Civil Engineering students are eligible to apply for M.Tech in the following departments.

  • Civil Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering ( NITIE, Bombay)
  • Computer Science (in some colleges only)
  • Remote sensing ( or GIS) in IITs Kanpur, Bombay, Roorke and some other university colleges..
  • Aerospace Engineering.
  • Ocean Engineering.
  • Earthquake Engineering (IIT, Roorke)
  • Rock Mechanics (IIT, Delhi) .
  • Applied Mechanics.(IITs)

Suggested Order Of Preferences:

  1. Industrial Engineering in NITIE, Mumbai (If Management course is interested.)
  2. Computer Science or Structures or or Aerospace Engineering , depending upon the interest.
  3. Transportation
  4. Geotechnical
  5. Environmental
  6. GIS / Remote Sensing
  7. Construction Management
  8. CAD (in IIT Roorke )
  9. Water Resources
  10. Ocean Engineering.
  11. Earthquake Engineering.
  12. Rock Mechanics

Premier Institutes, in the order of preference

  1. IISc, Bangalore
  2. IIT, Bombay / Kanpur / Madras / Delhi / Kharagpur / Roorkee / Gowhati
  3. IIIT, Hyderbad ( ( Computer Aided Structural Engineering )
  4. NITs : Suratkal / Tirichy /Warangal / Calicut / Nagpur/ Durgapur/ Rourkela etc…..
  5. PSG, Coimbatore; BHU, Anna University, BITs, Pilani; Pune university, CIT, Coimbatore.
  6. Other University Colleges viz. SVU, Tirupathi; JNTU, Ananthapur; JNTU Kakinada; OU, Hyderabad; AU, Vizag; Annamalai University; Visweswara Institute, Banglore; Mysore University, Gulberga University, etc…

7. Private Colleges viz. CBIT, Hyderabad – Structures Siddartha, Vijayawada – Structures etc……

Selection Criteria for M.Tech:

The selection is, generally, based on GATE score/Rank. However, some IITs, NITs and other university colleges may conduct a written test / Interview . In such a case, the GATE score is given 70% weightage and remaining 30% weightage is for the written test / Interview. The exact procedure will be known by referring to the information brochure issued by the colleges for admission into M.Tech. The selection criteria may vary from year to year and from college to college.


1. To secure admission in II.Sc Bangalore, the rank shall be within top 40, generally.

2. If a student gets more than 98 percentile, there is a definite chance of getting

admission in IITs. The students can put their dream specialization as the first choice

in the order of preferences.

3. If it is between 94 and 98 percentile, the students can try for those IITs where there is

interview for selection. It is advisable not to opt Structures as the first preference. If the

student is from a reputed college or if he/she has good academic record then the student

can opt structures as the first choice.. The students are also advised to apply for NITs

and MS programmes in IITs.

4. If it is between 89 and 94 percentile, the students can try in IITs like Roorkee, Guwhati

etc. but the first choice should be opted very carefully. It is advisable to opt

specializations like Water resources, Earthquake engineering, Architecture, Computer

aided design, etc., as the first choice. They have to apply the NITs and MS programme in

IITs, and other reputed university colleges.

5. If it is below 89 percentile, they are advised to apply NITs, university colleges and private

colleges depending upon the merit level..


* The students are advised to select the first preference carefully, appropriate to their GATE score level as the students are called for interview based on their 1st preference opted. For example, if a 90percentile candidate applies for Structures specialization as the first option in IITs, then there is a danger that the candidate may not be called for interview. In every specilisation, only some number of candidates will be called for interview based on the merit order.

* AMIE candidates can get admissions based on their GATE Score in IIT, Madras, Kharagpur & Roorkee. Whereas in other IITs they require to possess some professional experience and other qualifications.

NITIE (Bombay):

It offers 2 years PG Diploma in Industrial Engineering. It is a management course. It has good campus placements. All the students who have more than 85 percentile are eligible to apply. The admission is purely based on marks secured in the above Group Discussion & Interview to be conducted by it later. Strongly recommended to join. Excellent salary packages.

IISC, Banglore:

Here the M.Tech specializations available for Civil students are Aerospace, Satellite Technology, Structures, Geotechnical, Water Resource Engg. The admission for M.Tech is normally based on GATE score. The top rankers generally opt Aerospace Engg. or Structural Engg. or Satellite Technology depending upon their choice. For these three specializations, the cut-off rank is about 15.

After the above three specializations, the other courses preferred are Geotechnical Engg. & Water Resource Engg. in the order. Generally ranks upto 40 can fetch these specilisations..

For MS course in IISc, the students shall appear for a separate written test (on the Civil Engg. Syllabus) followed by an interview. The number of seats for MS is quite less compared to M.Tech.

IITs Bombay, Kanpur, Delhi & Gowhati:

Admission for M.Tech is based on GATE score and the interview conducted by the IIT. For Structures in IIT, Bombay ,there will be a written test and an interview. For other specializations, only interview is conducted. The interview questions are concentrated mainly on the 1st preference opted for. However, questions from Mathematics etc can also be asked.

If a student possess excellent rank in the GATE, then direct admission will also be given without any interview.

IIT Madras:

Selection is based on GATE score and the interview. The interview panel generally consists of 4 to 5 professors from different specializations. They ask questions from all specializations irrespective of the 1st preference opted . Sometimes, questions are asked only on the first choice.

IIT, Roorkee & Kharagpur :

Generally admissions are given on the basis of GATE score .

IIIT, Hyderabad :

This institute has good placements. Computer aided Structural Engineering and Building Science, are the two specializations available for Civil Engg. students. The Computer Aided Structural Engineering can be preferred. The fee is Rs. 50,000 per semester. Stipend will be given for M.Tech, in the second year only.

The selection is purely based on the performance in a separate written test to be conducted by it all over the Country and interview.

NITs & Other Universities:

Some of these colleges give admissions based on the GATE score and other colleges conduct an interview also.

Computer Science: Civil Engg. students can seek admission in M.Tech Computer Science in REC, Warangal, Anna University(Chennai), Central University(Hyderabad), Osmania University(Hyderabad) etc. Selection is based on the performance in the written test conducted separately by the respective University.

JNTU at Hyderabad (Non GATE M.Tech Programme)

JNTU Hyderabad. conducts a separate entrance test for M.Tech programme. A few scholarships / stipend are available for students who posses relatively good GATE scores. But admission is purely based on the written test to be conducted by it later.

Other University Colleges:

SVU, Tirupathi; JNTU, Ananthapur; JNTU Kakinada; OU, Hyderabad; AU, Vizag, Annamalai University, Visweswara Institute, Banglore, Mysore University, Gulberga University, etc.., In these Colleges admissions are given based on GATE score. All the low score students can apply these colleges.

Private Colleges:

CBIT, Hyderabad – Structures Siddartha, Vijayawada – Structures etc….

These colleges are now offering M.Tech programs. But stipend will be given only to some students. The students with relatively very low GATE scores can apply to these colleges.