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M Tech Colleges

NITIE (Bombay):

It offers 2 years PG Diploma in Industrial Engineering. It is a management course. It has good campus placements. All the students who have more than 85 percentile are eligible to apply. The admission is purely based on marks secured in the above Group Discussion & Interview to be conducted by it later. Strongly recommended to join. Excellent salary packages.

IISC, Banglore:

Here the M.Tech specializations available for Civil students are Aerospace, Satellite Technology, Structures, Geotechnical, Water Resource Engg. The admission for M.Tech is normally based on GATE score. The top rankers generally opt Aerospace Engg. or Structural Engg. or Satellite Technology depending upon their choice. For these three specializations, the cut-off rank is about 15.

After the above three specializations, the other courses preferred are Geotechnical Engg. & Water Resource Engg. in the order. Generally ranks upto 40 can fetch these specilisations..

For MS course in IISc, the students shall appear for a separate written test (on the Civil Engg. Syllabus) followed by an interview. The number of seats for MS is quite less compared to M.Tech.

IITs Bombay, Kanpur, Delhi & Gowhati:

Admission for M.Tech is based on GATE score and the interview conducted by the IIT. For Structures in IIT, Bombay ,there will be a written test and an interview. For other specializations, only interview is conducted. The interview questions are concentrated mainly on the 1st preference opted for. However, questions from Mathematics etc can also be asked.

If a student possess excellent rank in the GATE, then direct admission will also be given without any interview.

IIT Madras:

Selection is based on GATE score and the interview. The interview panel generally consists of 4 to 5 professors from different specializations. They ask questions from all specializations irrespective of the 1st preference opted . Sometimes, questions are asked only on the first choice.

IIT, Roorkee & Kharagpur :

Generally admissions are given on the basis of GATE score .

IIIT, Hyderabad :

This institute has good placements. Computer aided Structural Engineering and Building Science, are the two specializations available for Civil Engg. students. The Computer Aided Structural Engineering can be preferred. The fee is Rs. 50,000 per semester. Stipend will be given for M.Tech, in the second year only.

The selection is purely based on the performance in a separate written test to be conducted by it all over the Country and interview.

NITs & Other Universities:

Some of these colleges give admissions based on the GATE score and other colleges conduct an interview also.

Computer Science: Civil Engg. students can seek admission in M.Tech Computer Science in REC, Warangal, Anna University(Chennai), Central University(Hyderabad), Osmania University(Hyderabad) etc. Selection is based on the performance in the written test conducted separately by the respective University.

JNTU at Hyderabad (Non GATE M.Tech Programme)

JNTU Hyderabad. conducts a separate entrance test for M.Tech programme. A few scholarships / stipend are available for students who posses relatively good GATE scores. But admission is purely based on the written test to be conducted by it later.

Other University Colleges:

SVU, Tirupathi; JNTU, Ananthapur; JNTU Kakinada; OU, Hyderabad; AU, Vizag, Annamalai University, Visweswara Institute, Banglore, Mysore University, Gulberga University, etc.., In these Colleges admissions are given based on GATE score. All the low score students can apply these colleges.

Private Colleges:

CBIT, Hyderabad – Structures Siddartha, Vijayawada – Structures etc….

These colleges are now offering M.Tech programs. But stipend will be given only to some students. The students with relatively very low GATE scores can apply to these colleges.

Production Engineering (PI)

There is no reservation for PI candidates in IIT’s, they are treating PI candidates along with mechanical only i.e. wherever PI candidates are eligible, they are seeing the percentile/score of mechanical and PI candidates and whoever got high percentile/score for them they are giving seat. But the rank is immaterial.

The same thing is happening with some of the other colleges also. But in some colleges like PSG Coimbuttor, NIFFT Ranchi etc there is reservation for PI.

IIT’s : MADRAS & KHARAGPUR are offering direct admissions based on GATE score ( normally they ask you to give 8 to 10 preferences of specialisations.)

KANPUR, MUMBAI, ROORKEE, GAUHATI & IISc BANGALORE are giving admissions for some specialisation based on the GATE score directly and some specialisations based on GATE Score + TEST + INTERVIEW. So candidates are advised to opt for first preference carefully, appropriate to their GATE score ( last year admissions GATE SCORE and specialisations will be given in the brochure or website).

DELHI is giving admissions based on GATE Score + INTERVIEW. In general candidate are called for interview by considering their first preference so candidate are advised to opt for first preference carefully, appropriate to their GATE score .

FOR THE IIT’S AND IISc THE CANDIDATES HAVE TO APPLY IN THE FOLLOWING WAY: All candidates with 99 percentile and above can apply for M.Tech in manufacturing as first priorities. The second option is Industrial Engg. But in some colleges they allowing you for desin also , in such cases you are required to apply design as second preference.

All above 98 percentile candidates can apply for industrial, thermal and applied mechanics etc

Above 96&97 percentile candidates can apply to applied mechanics, composites, aerospace engg,

But 97&98 percentile candidates can apply for MS also for good specialization

All above 90 percentile candidates can apply for MS

In IIT MUMBAI the order of priorities for ASSISTANTSHIP may be given as follows.

1. teaching assistantship 2. Research assistantship

3. Teaching assistantship with project 4. Research assistantship with projec

And Order of priorities are:

For above 99 percentile: manufacturing, design ( if they allow you) industrial engg, thermal engg

For above 98 percentile: thermal, Aerospace, energy systems, composites, corrosion engg

For above 97&96 percentile: energy systems engg, triobology, corrosion engg

But 97&98 candidates can apply for MS also for good specialization

All above 90 candidates can apply for MS

Order of priorities in IIT madras (in mechanical department now they will take only on three specializations wise,

but after first semester based on your performance in first semester they will allot specializations)

1.&2. manufacturing sciences & Design sciences

3. industrial management ( Humanities department)

4. thermal sciences

5. composites

6. Aerospace engineering

7. Ocean engineering

8. Metallurgical sciences

9. any other specialization of your interest

But 97&98 percentile candidates can apply for MS also for good specialization

All above 90 percentile candidates can apply for MS

The same way for other IIT’s also you can apply.

M.S PROGRAMME: It is equivalent to M.Tech. Admissions are given twice in a year in (JUNE & NOVEMBER) all IIT’s have M.S programme, here the admission is based GATE score + interview + marks. Generally minimum period is two years but it depends on candidates hard work. If the guide is satisfied with the work then the guide will recommend for awarding MS, if not it may take more time. In general the average time period will be 2½ to 3 years. Candidates who have percentile above 90 with percentage above 70%. have chances to get this programme.



NITIE ( Mumbai) : this is a very good institute in industrial Engg. Here the admissions are based on Gate score + Group discussion + interview. G.D will be conducted generally on the general topics like privatization, how to develop Rural areas, literacy development, terms related to contract and agreement, role of a manager effects of Gulf war on India, Sighning on nuclear treaty by INDIA, TSUNAMI and preventive measures, Outsourcing etc. Candidates those who have percentile above 85, will be called for the GD and interview. But fee is 90000 per year and student is entitled to get Rs 5000/- per month as assistantship.

After doing PG here you will get a job with min of 8Lakhs / year. But one thing you have facility to avail loan in the banks.

PSG college of Engg. Coimbattor: it is a good institute and placement is almost equal to IIT’s. selection is based on Gate + Tamilnadu PG test . first the candidates has to appear for Tamilnadu PG test. Candidates have to apply separately for each department.

NIFFT, Ranchi: Here there are only two specializations, Foundry and manufacturing Engg. Placement is good but in the hardware side only. Admissions are purely based on Gate percentile. 100% placement.

BITS , Pilani: it is also a good institute and is generally next to IIT’s . almost 100% good placement is available. Admissions are based on Gate score. + test for 100 ONE mark QUESTIONS (sometime interview also conducted after test)

NIT, Trichy: This is the top most NIT out of all NIT’s. here welding technology will be given first preference because, it has very good placement . Admissions are based on Gate score + written test + interview. Here if you complete welding technology specialization you will definitely get job in BARAT HEAVY PLATES AND VESSELS LTD , VISAKAPATNAM. BUT DESIGN , MANUFACTURING AND OTHER SPECIALISATIONS ALSO EXCELLENT.

THAPAR INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY – PATIALA : here also they are giving admissions based on GATE + interview. But institute and studies are excellent and almost placement is 100%.

BHU (Benarus Hindu University): good institute, placement is available and admissions are based on Gate score + test. Here manufacturing is very nice.

CIT, Coimbattor : It is also very good institute, good placement and admissions are based on Gate score + Tamilnadu PG test .

NIT Calicutt: Good placement and admissions are based on Gate score only.

VJTI, Bombay: it is very good institute and has 100% placement. But it has only two specializations, automobile Engg and design. Admissions are based on Gate score only. But the notification will come only in the times of India news paper and Mumbai local news papers.

ISI KOLKOTTA offers M.Tech programme in Computer Science and Quality Control & OR on PAR with IIT

NIT Suratkal and Warangal: good institutes , placement is available, and admissions are based on Gate score only. Notification of Suratkal, generally comes in Indian Express.

Delhi College of Engg.: it is also one of the good institute, placement is available and admissions are based on Gate score only.

The next category of Colleges are , NIT Kurukshetra, NIT Alahabad, NIT Baroda , NIT Durgapur, Jodhpur University, Jayachama Rajendra College of Engg. ( JCRCE) Mysore, University College of Engg. Mysore, NIT Nagpur, NIT Indore etc.

The next category of colleges are, S.V. University College of Engg., JNTU, Andhra University College of Engg. Some colleges are available in Bangalore and Karnataka State, some colleges available in Tamilnadu etc. Notifications of these institutes may come in the local dailies. Also this year some private engineering college of AP also started M.Tech like CBIT, Vasavi, GPREC, RGIT etc.

Preferences: Generally Design and manufacturing are treated as equally preferred specializations. Next comes out to be industrial management or industrial engg , next preference goes to the thermal, next is Composites, Aerospace, Ocean Engg., Maintenance Engg., etc.


satish said...

i hava gate score of 370 where i am get a seat

Unknown said...
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Examsavvy said...

Hi your gate score is not enough to get into IITs but it seems you have some potentials so best try your next time.

Unknown said...

i have a gate rank of 87 in aerospace .... will i make it to iit b , iit kgp ... as iisc bangalore seems difficult ... also i do not have any reservation ...

Examsavvy said...

Try your best next time.

Unknown said...

Hi My name is Harish Bari,
My GATE2011 Score is 301,29.33 marks, 83 Percentile.
My branch is Mechanical N catgory OBC.
Plz suggest which college I can get admission?
Can I get any NIT?
Plz help me.
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