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M.Tech. in Applied Mechanics at IITM

This programme brings together the broad disciplines of Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics & Biomedical Engineering into a single fold leading to specialization in respective areas. Candidates from a vide range of Engg. Disciplines (see Table 2) are eligible to apply. First semester is common to all students. Based on the performance in the first semester and their preference, students will be allotted not exceeding 6 HTTA fellowships in each of the three specializations. In the second year, the students will take a project in the area of specialization to which they are allotted. The scope of each area is given below:

Biomedical Engineering

This incorporates the latest developments of science and technology to understand the complexity of biological systems and to diagnose the physiological and pathological disorders along with the design and development of diagnostic and rehabilitative techniques. A number of courses designed to serve the above mentioned purpose are offered and the students can undertake project work in medical instrumentations, biomechanics, applications of image signal processing, physiological fluid dynamics, laser and ultra-sound applications in medicine, haptics etc.

Fluid Mechanics

This specialization covers the major areas of mechanics of fluids such as turbulence, hydrodynamic instability, convection, fluid-structure interaction, bio-fluid mechanics, waves, micro scale flows and environmental flows. Students can choose analytical, computational and experimental approaches for their project work. The project can be in either fundamental or applied areas of fluid mechanics.

Solid Mechanics

This specialization encompasses broad areas such as continuum theory, theory of plates and shells, plasticity, fracture mechanics, modeling of materials, dynamics of structures, computational methods, finite and boundary element methods, experimental stress analysis, digital photo mechanics and high temperature structural design. The project can be in either fundamental or applied areas of solid mechanics.

Programme Codes:

  • AM1Y -> M.Tech. in Applied Mechanics with HTTA
  • AM1N -> Applied Mechanics without HTTA


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