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M.Tech. in Catalysis Technology at IITM

This programme will be coordinated by the Department of Chemical Engineering in association with the National Centre for Catalysis Research (NCCR). NCCR is a national centre established by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India to promote human resource development in this vital area and also to be useful to the Indian industry.

Considering the needs of Indian Chemical industry, this programme has been developed strictly adhering to the academic standards stipulated by our institute. Elective courses cover topics catalysis in green chemistry and environment, photo-catalysis, catalysis in petroleum technology, catalysis in the production of chemicals, nano-materials in catalysis, bio-catalysis and computational methods in catalysis. All these electives have been designed to reflect the frontiers of research and development that are going on in these areas. In addition the candidates have been given the option to choose the electives offered by the Chemical Engineering Department and also by the Department of Chemistry on surface chemistry and chemical and electro chemical energy systems. The blend of science and technology in this course has come out naturally and hence the course can be interesting to both streams of students.

Co-ordinating Department: Chemical Engineering

Programme Code:

  • CA1Y -> M.Tech. in Catalysis Technology with HTTA

M.Tech. in Nuclear Engineering (NE1)

M.Tech in Nuclear Engineering will be offered from July 2010 session. It is an interdisciplinary program with participation of the Departments of Mechanical, Metallurgical, Chemical engineering and the Department of Physics with active cooperation of Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research (IGCAR), Kalpakkam. GATE qualified candidates of ME, CH, PH, ZE and ZS will be eligible for admission to this program. M.Tech in Nuclear Engineering will provide opportunity for the students to learn on thermal hydraulics, chemical processing, materials and physics aspects of nuclear power production. In plant training at IGCAR will provide experience with reactor control and operation.

Co-ordinating Department: Mechanical Engineering

Programme Code:

  • NE1Y -> M.Tech. in Nuclear Engineering with HTTA

M.Tech. in Petroleum Engineering (PE1)

The M.Tech. programme in Petroleum Engineering is an interdisciplinary programme designed to meet the need of highly qualified manpower in the petroleum industry.

The curriculum covers the entire gamut of engineering activities in the petroleum industry, from petroleum prospecting, exploration and production to petroleum refining. Both onshore and offshore petroleum reserves and their exploitation are emphasized. The programme will provide the students with a broad knowledge of the principles and practical aspects of petroleum engineering through key courses on petroleum geology, reservoir engineering, petroleum prospecting technologies, drilling technology, oil and gas production systems, risk analysis and safety issues, subsea engineering for oil and gas fields, petroleum refining methods etc. The students will also undergo summer training in ONGC facilities. The design and thesis projects will equip students to take up careers in challenging problems in both onshore and offshore oil and gas industry.

Co-ordinating Department: Ocean Engineering

Programme Code:

  • PE1Y -> M.Tech. in Petroleum Engineering with HTTA


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