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Refrigeration Air Conditioning

W. F Stoecker, «Refrigeration Air Conditioning»
ISBN: 0070665915 | Publisher: McGraw Hill | Publication Date: 1983-03-01 | Number Of Pages: 464 | PDF | 27,3 MB

This text pretends the analytical statement of the refrigeration and acondiontioning air jumps straightforward. And today, more than ever, specially in these times in which the environmental concerns are subject of first degree in every corner of the world.
How is it possible maintain the wished equilibrium between comfort and preservation of the environment? The sustainable development goes behind this aim, though in order to the true, the road is long. To find the best proficiency and rational employment of the Freon 12 is not so easy.
Population' s natural growth demands a major consume of this refrigerant. In order to satisfy the adequate welfare, all the regulations must be supported by the exhaustive search of a compound that eventually produced the minor possible damage and environmental impact.
More sooner than later this issue will be treated with First Character priority and its profound implications will be understood and assimilated far beyond an ideology or ideological posture .
This book offers a wide account of the most important tools, diagrams, hygrometric charts and an extraordinary well presented of the basic principles that rule this knowledge area.


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