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S. Timonshenko, Strength of Materials

S. Timonshenko, "Strength of Materials, Part 1 - 2"


Anonymous said...

In these two volumes, Pr. Timoshenko explained all you have to know when you meet mechanical difficulties before a problem.

In the 2nd volume, Pr. Timoshenko give a very understandable demonstration of the resolution of all kind of mechanical problems (plaque, shell, beam...), and moreover you can find theses demonstrations in more detail for numerous type of configuration (dependent of the design of your construction).

And the point which is essential -I guess- for each mechanical Engineer, is that Pr. Timoshenko gave graphs and abacus in order to resolve from the simpliest manner all these kind of problem demonstrated before.

If you have the taste for analytical resolution, you need these book right under your pillow!

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