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GATE Vs GRE, Which one is best to chose?

Let us start with GATE, it based on the subject we learned during graduation (BE or B.Tech). GATE exam helps in getting admission in M.Tech (master of Technology degree) in Indian colleges and universities. The basic advantage with GATE is that if you do well you will get to see most prestigious engineering institutes in the world. You get a scholarship to support education and get wonderful two years of life that you are going to remember for rest of you life. Even if you little less scores it will take you to some college where you will enjoy scholarship and time.

The real daunting task comes when the master degree is finished. IITs, NITs and some good universities have placements and everyone have to face huge competition. Even top multinational companies one or two candidates out few hundred bright candidates. Another disadvantage, because of high competition, is that somehow one need to remove few candidates to make selection procedure to finish in given time, and usually CGP or percentage will come into picture as a short listing criteria killing many bright students who didn’t cared much about scores and marks.

Now let’s move on to GRE, it’s really exciting to go aboard, specially for Indian students. That motivates many students for preparing for GRE. The biggest advantage studying abroad is that the exposure and huge confidence one gain in life. It also depends on where you study.
Preparing for GRE need extra effort as English is not our first language, though most of Indian student do good, but one the average we don’t do good in English. Apart from this, after GRE, one has to run around a lot to fulfill many other admission requirements. This may discourage few students from taking this option. The other disadvantages are, if you don’t get a scholarship you may land up serving tables in an Indian Restaurant. If your university is not well ranked and you don’t have a scholarship then it’s totally a mess, one or the other day you will land in India for good too.

The conclusion is wherever you go, try to reach excellence and try to be best. Not just say that work like that. Raise above all excuses and work hard to the human capacity and expect the best of it. All Indian you see on the top are because of their hard work and too much competitive and never give up attitude. Let’s work hard and chase our dreams.


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