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IITMTech Admission interview and written test tips

Indian institute of technology is the one of the best institutes among the india. There are few old IITs and few new IITs providing MTECH admission to the GATE exam qualified candidates. Mtech admission to the IITs is basically depends on the gate score held in that pariticular year or previous year. IIT Mtech admission process is simple one.some IITs like iit bombay, madras gives the mtech admission purely on the basis of the gate score for the first round other iit institutes and iisc banglore gives admission on the basis of gate score and the interview or written test held at the particular iit. Each IIT has its own rules and regulation for giving admission to mtech courses. Inteview or written test is not to much difficult i have given some tips below for the preparation to the interview and the written test at the IIT and also for the NIT institutes. only getting good score in gate exam is not enough for the securing Mtech admission in the IIT and NIT. Their are only few lucky student who got direct admission to the IIT and should need to got rank below 100 to secure direct admission in the IIT/IISC.
all other student need to face interview/written test so prepare well for it. There are 7 old IIT sometime some difficult situation arises such as your interview date will be same at the different make your preference list choose one of the IIT where you desire to go for Mtech admission.

IIT/IISC/NIT interview/written test tips:
1)interview/written test in IIT syllabus is same as the gate syllabus for particular department.interview/written test syllabus also include aptitude and maths.
2)for IIT MTECH admission 30% weightage is given for the performance in the interview/written test held at IIT.
and 70% weightage is given to the gate score and by normalising the both results in the gate score and inteview/written test admission is given to the MTECH.
3)sometimes interview/written test is not going like our expectation so need to worry about it only 30% weightage is given to it.
4)during interview do not try to mess with the professor.because they are phd professor from different department
5)keep yourself confert while interview and always say truth.
6)question asked in the interview is not so tough.question are basic professor. try to test you about the basics you have.
7)prepare two or more subject well.professor ask the questions from your favorite subject.choose the subject very carefully prepare well for it.
performance in the written test/interview at IIT is totally depends on prepare for it very well.the above tips will help best of luck for interview.

hope IIT admission /proces and interview/written test will helpful for gate aspirant..


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