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Number of Students Appeared In GATE 2011

Every student who wants to pursue higher education in India is aware of GATE. It is one of the most popular competitive exams second to the IITs. You can judge the popularity of a competitive exam by simply the number of students appearing in it. This statistics also allows you prepare harder and put in much more efforts and to aim much higher. And this is the reason why students look around for such valuable information. Irrespective to the number of available seats in the IITs for MTech, the number of students keeps increasing each year. With the passing of each year there has been a significant increase in the number of students appearing for the exam and it is anticipated that the same number of students will also appear for GATE exam in 2012 as well. With the limited number of available seats you need to focus more and get an idea as to what you need to do. Although the numbers look scary however, you need to focus and be sincere towards your preparation.

Number of students appeared in GATE 2011
Discipline/ Course / Stream Number of students appeared
Computer Science and Engineering and IT 136027
Electronics and Communication Engineering 137853
Electrical Engineering 72680
Mechanical Engineering 81175
Civil Engineering 29347
Instrumentation Engineering 18456
Chemical Engineering 12994
Production and Industrial Engineering 3792
Biotechnology 16425

Do not let these numbers scare you, they are meant so that you do better. You need to be aware of the fact how big this task you need to do. If you are appearing for Electronics and Communication Engineering you need to be ahead of 137853. So remember as you enjoy movies or go on dates and of course sleeping and day dreaming others are there who are pushing themselves hard to give GATE their best shot. Only the best survive and you need to put in your best if you don’t want to miss the last chance to get into the IITs. If you put in your best efforts throughout the preparation process you will surely be calm on the exam day and all your efforts will be paid off on the day of the result. Then you will definitely feel good about giving something a miss and make a lot of people proud.

All you need is FOCUS! Good Luck!
Kindly let me know if you want to add anything else and you are free to share your views as well.


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Could you please give information about the GATE-2012 examination?

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