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Dealing with Bad GATE Score

This run in minds of a million students as anything after 7000 AIR makes life confusing and difficult. One can easily feel the doors are closed and there are no good jobs out there to start a good career, or sometimes we don’t find a bad one either. All these make life more difficult, confusing and depressing. In What after B.Tech? I explored few possibilities. On the sometime, I just kept myself in that situation and though what would I do or in fact did during this time.

These are the things I would do and strongly recommend anyone going through the tough time. These are just not for the students who lost the hope but for someone who really want to focus and look ahead. I still do these and at the end of the day I sleep in peach. I share five basic things to set ourselves right here.

1. Catch The Sunrise
This is the first and foremost thing for staying healthy, happy and strong. If you mess up with your sleep and start your day late then you won’t get time to think about what’s wrong with you. The first wrong is not taking rest on time. The big time waste and unproductive time is in nights. Even people with most productive attitude go unproductive in late nights. I am not talking nights before exams, the nights in normal days are check points. To gain max out of your day make sure you see sunrise, whatever time you sleep it doesn’t matter.

2. Get A Newspaper
This is little weird in the time of internet right? get a news paper I mean spend time early in the morning to know the opportunities for admission or job. Just read something to know what’s going around you and your domain get updated. Learn to control how you use internet and media. Go on opportunities, cut the entertainment early in morning. Keep entertainment in late evenings to use your leftover energy to relax with. Look for opportunities, read future, read tech articles, tech updates, read interviews and look for more learning.

3. Give It A Thought
Yes we all screw up things because of many reasons, but it doesn’t mean that we need stop and don’t look ahead as winners does. With all experience in life i can say that people lose and stand up does a lot of rocking than who don’t lose. The only catch is to stop and give a it a though what went wrong and how to correct it. If friends screwed it up change them, if movies and dramas screwed it up change them, if habits screwed it up change them. You need to stand and give a though what seriously went wrong and what you want to do next. Do make a decision about what you want to do next, higher studies, job or something else. Make sure you don’t repeat the mistakes. God gave you all good time chose again, you will leave friends, college, and bad history too. So it’s an opportunity to think and start afresh and apply learning from mistakes.

4. Walk An Extra Mile
We know why we are depressed and now we have given extra effort to reach the place where other reached with extra effort before. Want an admission give you all effort in finding a place where you can apply. Get any slightest chance or possibility of admission go there. Even if you need to travel right now and by general compartment for next 24hrs. Give it all you have. If you are looking for a job give it all apply everywhere go everywhere there is a slightest possibility of getting in. Relocate to places where there are jobs, even if you need to sleep on street. Walk an extra mile, believe me you will get there. Without that extra effort competition would kill you for your mistakes, be prepared for that.

5. No Time To Waste, I Already Did It Enough
We in a situation as this because of the time we wasted, we all know that. Now lets learn out of our mistake. Spot the time wasters and turn them into productive tools. Facebook, Youtube, Internet are most productive places, learn how to use them. If you are addicted to old box of TV, get rid of it, its old men’s show now. Things have changed a lot; change yourself to become more and more productive. The bottom line is don’t waste time. Whatever you do make sure you are learning something useful.


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