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GATE 2013 Organizing Institute

This is a very common curiosity among GATE aspirants, they start with this question, which IIT is going to organize GATE exam this year. Also they think that the difficulty of GATE exam depends on the organizing institute. Also previous GATE papers conducted by that institute would help them preparing GATE and also give an advantage. I hope everyone know that GATE exam is conducted by 7 IITs (new IITs not included yet) and IISc. Every year an institute will take responsibility of conducting GATE exam.

Previous year GATE exam is organized as follows.
   Year    Organizing Institute
GATE 2011 IIT Madras
GATE 2010 IIT Guwahati
GATE 2009 IIT Roorkee
GATE 2008 IISc Bangalore
GATE 2007 IIT Kanpur
GATE 2006 IIT Kharagpur
GATE 2005 IIT Bombay
GATE 2004 IIT Delhi
GATE 2003 IIT Madras
GATE 2002 IISc Banglore
GATE 2001 IIT Kanpur
GATE 2000 IIT Kharagpur
GATE 1999 IIT Bombay
GATE 1998 IIT Delhi
GATE 1997 IIT Madras
GATE 1996 IISc Banglore
GATE 1995 IIT Kanpur

Predicating the difficulty of GATE exam based on organizing institute may put you in a strange situation because difficulty is independent of organizing Institute. GATE organizing institute just take responsibility of managing application forms, taking question set from different professors from different IITs and making random choices on question and conducting exam. At least, nowadays whole process is automated so it’s impossible to map difficulty back to organizing institute.
Yes we can definitely predict who is organizing GATE exams. If we look into GATE organizing institutes we can easily figure out which institute is organizing GATE exam. A constant pattern is followed by the institutes to conduct GATE exam and following that patter, if nothing strange happen, IIT Bombay will conduct the GATE 2013.
Wish you a great luck ahead.


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