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Reference Materials for GATE 2013

  • Chemical Engineering Solved Gate Papers (including Practice Papers)
  • Chemistry Solved Gate Papers.
  • Civil Engineering Unsolved Gate Papers.
  • Civil Engineering(GATE Solved Papers)
  • Compilers 1986-01 By Alfred V. Aho.
  • Computer Engineering Unsolved Gate Papers
  • Computer Organization and Architecture By William Stallings
  • Computer Science & IT (GATE Solved Papers)
  • Database Systems Concepts, 4 edition By Abraham Silberschatz Henry F. Korth S.Sudarshan.
  • Electrical Engineering Unsolved Gate Papers
  • Electronics & Communication Engineering Solved Gate Papers (including Practice Papers)
  • Gate Civil Engineering by Dillip Kumar Bera, Subhrajit Das
  • GATE Solved Paper ( EC)
  • GATE Solved Paper (MECHANICAL).
  • Introduction to Algorithms, Prentice Hall India.(2nd Edition) And its solutions By Corrman
  • Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation (2nd Edition) By John E. Hopcroft.
  • Life Science Unsolved Gate Papers.
  • Mathematics Solved Gate Papers.
  • Modern Operating Systems, 2nd Edition, 2001-02 By Andrew Tanenbaum.
  • Physics Solved Gate Papers.
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Discrete mathematics & its applications, Kenneth H. Rosen
  • Symbolic Logic, M. Copi
  • Formal Logic, M. Copi
  • Probability, Banerjee, De, Sen
  • Statistics and probability, N.G. Das
  • Higher Algebra, S.K. Mapa
  • Modern Algebra, A.R. Vasistha
  • Discrete Mathematical structure, Kolman, Busby, Ross
  • Graph Theory, Narsingh Deo
  • Linear Algebra Hadley
  • Numerical Analysis & Computational procedure S.A.Mollah
  • Mathematical Analysis, Malik & Arora
  • Differential Calculus, Ghosh, Maity
  • Integral Calculus, Ghosh Maity
  • Compiler Design
  • Compiler Construction: Principles and Practice, Kenneth C. Louden
  • Compiler Construction: Principles and Practice, Kenneth C. Louden
  • Compilers, Principles, Techniques and Tools by Alfred V. Aho, Ravi Sethi, Jeffery D. Ullman
  • Engineering a Compiler by Deith D. Cooper, Linda Torczon and Morgan Kaufmann
  • Modern Compiler Design by Dick Grune, H.E. Bal, C. Jacobs, K.G. Langendoen
  • Optimizing Compilers for Modern Architectures: A Dependence-based Approach by Ken Kennedy, Randy Allen
  • Theory of Computation
  • An Introduction to Formal Languages and Automata, Peter Linz
  • Introduction to Automata Theory, Languages, and Computation,John E. Hopcroft, Jeffery D. Ullman
  • Introduction to Computer Theory, Daniel I. A. Cohen
  • Theory of Computer Science (Automata, Languages and Computation), K.L.P. Mishra & N. Chandrasekaran
  • Standard Book For programming in C
  • Test Your C Skills - yashwant kanetkar
  • The C Programming langauge - kernighan & Ritchie
  • Networking Books
  • Computer Network by forouzan
  • Computer Network by Kurose and Ross
  • Computer Network by Tanenbaum


Anonymous said...

Respected admin, Please tell which books have to be referred for Electronics and commn. subjects... Please...

Mano said...

abbey said...

dear sir any study material for civil engg??

sonam said...

Respected, Whom so ever It may concern please tell me which book i should refer for Accounting And finance profile Exams.

Anonymous said...

sir please tell me from where to get material for gate 2013 for electrical branch

Examsavvy said...

which kind of materials you want

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can anyone send me free gate materials for ME

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