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GATE 2013 Documents Need to Submit

Mailing Documents to GATE Office

The printed application form along with the documents must be mailed by speed post to the Zonal office, as mentioned in the printed address slip that comes along with the PDF file of the application form. Before mailing, the following procedures need to be completed

Before Mailing

  1. Out of the printed pages, keep one copy of application form (page 2) for your reference and process the other copy as follows
    1. Paste a color photograph of yourself, and read the declaration and put your full signature in black ink, in appropriate boxes provided. This photograph and signature should EXACTLY match the one in the photograph file uploaded electronically to the GATE Online Interface; your application is liable to be rejected otherwise.
    2. Do not pin, sign, or attest the photograph.
    3. You must sign in the box provided.
    4. In case principal’s certificate happens to be proof of your eligibility, Submit the whole page (without cutting it) to your College principal’s office. Bottom portion of the form contains the part that your college principal has to certify. Once you obtain principal’s signature and stamp this is ready to go in application packet to be sent.
  2. If you had paid the application fee by challan, bank would have returned you stamped GATE copy of challan. Keep it ready to go in application packet to be sent.
  3. You will also find half page of instruction and half page address slip.  Cut this address slip, which contains the address of the Zonal office (along with application bar code), where the application form needs to be posted to.
  4. Make sure you are ready with the following CHECK LIST:
    1. The signed application form (with photograph affixed) with, the Principal’s certificate if that is proof of your eligibility to appear in GATE 2013.
    2. Other eligibility documents to appear for GATE 2013 (degree certificate) only in case PDF files of these are NOT uploaded to online interface.
    3. Category certificate for claiming discounted application fee in case PDF files of these are NOT uploaded to online interface.
    4. PD certificate if you request for a scribe assistance.
    5. GATE copy of Challan duly stamped by the bank after payment of fees (you need not submit challan in case of payment by net banking, as these details will be filled in).


  1. Use A4 sized envelope and put application form along with other documents mentioned in the CHECK LIST above.
  2. Do NOT FOLD the application form and Do NOT STAPLE or pin the documents.
  3. Do not fill address by hand, as the address slip provided contains a special codes necessary for processing your application. Note that the codes on these address slips are different for each applicant. DO NOT use someone else’s address slip for your application.
  4. Secure the address slip firmly to the envelope using good glue or with additional transparent sticky tape (cello-tape).
  5. Send the packet by Speed Post (preferably) or by Registered Post to the address mentioned. The application packet should REACH the respective GATE offices on or before Monday, 8 October 2012. Alternatively it can also be handed over personally to the respective Zonal GATE Office on or before Monday, 8th October, 2012. (Note: Applications reaching respective offices later than 8th October 2012 may not be considered even if they are post marked 8th  October, 2012 or earlier)
  6. If you had uploaded the supporting documents online, you should post only the application form page (with principal’s certification if applicable).  There is no need to post the paper copies of other documents.
Current status of your application will be updated after receipt and scrutinizing of your application by respective GATE offices. This status can be checked anytime by logging onto your GATE Online Applicant Interface.


Unknown said...

what documents can i upload. I dont have degree coz i am 2012 passout, Final year marksheet would be ok or anything else.. Pls help

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