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Prepare GATE 2013 Signatures and Photo Using Picasaweb

  1. Mobile phone with a camera (at least 1MP) or any other Digital Camera
  2. Google/Gmail Account
Follow these steps:
  1. Put your signature with black ink on a white paper.  Put several signatures (you can later select any one from it)
  2. Use your mobile camera or other digital camera to capture the image (preferably, take the snap in bright light conditions)
  3. Upload the image to your computer’s desktop.
  4. Login with your gmail account in (use new browsers such as Chrome or latest Firefox or IE)
  5. Find a link/button to “Upload” near the top.  Upload the image from your computer’s folder.
  6. Don’t press OK now.
  7. Hover over the image, to find “Edit” (pen icon). You will be taken to a image editor. You should now be in the ‘Basic Edits’ tab of the image editor.
  8. Choose any one of the signatures. Crop the image (left hand side menu of ‘Basic Edits’ Tab)
    1. Select the corners to fit the signature
    2. Press on apply.  This will remove all other signatures and unnecessary white spaces.
  9. Go to  “Sharpen” (from left side)
    1. Increase the “Clarity” so that local contrast is increased
    2. press “Apply”
  10. Go to “Exposure” settings
    1. Increase the “highlights” so that the background becomes white (or mostly so)
    2. Play around with the “Contrast” to see if it further whitens the background.
  11. Extra: Remove dark spots
    1. Go to ‘Decorate’ Tab on the top
    2. Choose ‘Doodle’ on the left
    3. Click on the Brush Color box (You will see a small filler as your mouse pointer).
    4. Click on any white area on the screen, you will see the code “FFFFFF” (this is the computer code for white colour)
    5. Choose the brush size (you will see a small circle showing the size of your brush)
    6. Click and drag the mouse on the dark regions on your image to make it white (be careful not to touch the main image; if you make a mistake, you can always click on ‘undo’ on the top right)
  12. Now the image editing is done.  Choose “Save This Image” on the top right (you will be returned back to the picasa upload screen)
  13. Press “OK” only now.
  14. Click on the image to view it full resolution.
  15. Right click on it and save the image to your computer.


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