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Increasing Number of PSUs Recruiting Through GATE 2013

GATE exams are held on a competitive level and form the paradigm for both the public sector jobs and postgraduate admissions in India. GATE exams for different engineering branches are conducted on a national level so as to filter a pool of intellectual, technically sound engineering candidates. Among the first companies, the Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) declared that it would recruit candidates solely on the basis of the GATE score. This formed a definite selection criterion to create a work environment of technically adept personnel. In addition there are a varying number of PSUs which have included GATE as the first paradigm for selection namely – HPCL, NTPC, BEL to cite a few. The GATE score has its utility in different modes. Certain organizations conduct a second round of screening on the GATE score criterion. It is the group discussion round which forms the deciding factor. Often, a pupil who has secured an exceptionally high GATE score, would ace through the group discussion round as it would be a repetition of the GATE syllabus study.
This would prove to be a vantage point for any candidate who can secure a job position easily as against the remaining candidates who have come in directly on campus recruitment. Furthermore, the validity of the GATE score is for a 2 year term and this becomes handy for student candidates who can compliment both the syllabi working alongside towards securing a good position. An added feature is the announcement of the GATE score criterion by PSUs for candidates who have a valid GATE score from a previous year. This has encouraged more students and working professionals to crack the GATE examination over the years. Apart from these diverse advantages of writing a GATE examination, there is a certain reasoning to conduct this examination on an All India Level. The candidates across varied educational backgrounds are channeled through, on an intellectual level and grouped together on an academic front to pursue excellence in a technical institute which boosts of its caliber. Having a common platform to screen candidates across India, has its own significance. The differences with respect to the type of university, syllabus and cultural backgrounds during or after completion of the engineering degree are merged with regard to the job position selection criteria. Hence any discrepancies are annulled and the basis of selection is solely on the technical knowledge of the candidate. In addition, this examination proves instrumental to candidates who choose to switch their branch of engineering. Such a candidate who is willing to secure a job position on altering his/her stream of interest can take advantage of the GATE examination to compete with students of those branches and ace the technical knowledge gradient.

With regard to the PSUs, this examination is resourceful to them as it narrows down the selection process through a single decider examination. It saves time, capital and resource with regard to planning and execution of the recruitment process and hence an increasing number of PSUs feature GATE as a criterion for varied stream related job selection. Thus, GATE examinations are significant and suited to changing trends across the academic front.

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