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Topic wise Weightage and Analysis of GATE 2012 EEE Paper

The candidates who appeared for GATE 2012 EE branch were in for a surprise, an unpleasant one though. There were no 'expected' questions which happen in an exam and the questions were designed to test not just the conceptual Knowledge of the candidates, but in-depth understanding of the subject - coupled with extensive practice. The students who came out of the exam hall felt that paper was difficult than usual. An unusual thing about the EE GATE Paper this time, was in topics - Networks, Signals & Systems, Control Systems, Analog and Digital Electronics and Engineering Mathematics, ECE & EEE got the same questions. Thus in topics like Signals & Systems and Analog & Digital Electronics which are traditionally ECE subjects the questions, were unusually difficult from the perspective of EE student. The General Aptitude section of GATE 2012 provided much need avenues to increase overall GATE Score of the candidate. Most of the questions were easy or of Moderate Level of difficulty – A candidate who has put in the required effort in practicing General Aptitude can score upto (10-12)
marks in this section and this can go a long way in helping him meet the basic qualifying criteria. The candidates who found the level of difficulty of Engineering stream and Engineering Maths questions high would have got the much needed relief they were looking for in their quest to increase the GATE Score. A candidate who can score (42-45) above can easily get a rank 1000’s below.

Core Subjects 1 Mark Qtns 2 Mark Qtns
Electric Circuits and Fields 5 6
Signals and Systems 1 1
Electrical Machines 1 3
Power Systems 3 2
Control Systems 1 5
Electrical and Electronic Measurements 3 1
Analog and Digital Electronics 4 4
Power Electronics and Drives 2 3
Total Marks 20 50
Engineering Maths 1 Mark Qtns 2 Mark Qtns
Linear Algebra 0 1
Calculus 0 2
Differential equations 1 0
Complex variables 2 0
Probability and Statistics 1 1
Numerical Methods 0 1
Transform Theory 1 0
Total Marks 5 10
General Aptitude 1 Mark Qtns 2 Mark Qtns
Verbal Ability 4 1
Numerical Ability 1 4
Total Marks 5 10


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